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About Us

Cobalt Analytics is a bespoke data analytics company with a focus on solutions build on top of the Microsoft data platform

What we do

Data Analytics

Finding new insights into your data

Data Platform

Building robust and scalable solutions that mmeet the needs of yout organisation

Cloud migrations

We can help you move your existing solutions to the cloud

We are a Microsoft partner

A close working relationship with Microsoft gives CobaltAnalytics access to the latest changes in the Microsoft space

All our staff are Microsoft certified


At CobaltAnalytics we spend our days helping clients and the community find answers from their data. Working with their teams to create data driven solutions.

Data Architecture

A good data architecture is essential to a reliable and enchantable solution so getting this right the first time is essential


We work with your team to build a solution together, this means not only do you get a great solution but you also get the skills to maintain and enhance it yourself.


Examining your existing data to compile a record of your business and industry trends allows you to use your resources more efficiently, effectively, and profitably going forward.


To stay ahead of the curve and ensure you can answer your data questions as they become more complex, we provide the necessary training and support to your team.

Data platform

The data platform incorporates all systems used to store and process data


Data governance (DG) is the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of data used in an enterprise.



James McGillivray

Principal Consultant

Michael Johnson

Principal Consultant

Neville Marle

Principal Consultant